Understanding Speaker Specifications

Speaker enclosure

A speaker unit does not exist without its enclosure. The enclosure can be a dedicated wooden or plastic box in the case of free standing speakers, or the cavity created between a drywall and a concrete wall in the case of in-wall speakers.

The size of a speaker enclosure should be related to the room size. A speaker designed for a much bigger room will not sound good in a smaller room. The size of the speaker enclosure determines the volume of air movement, and therefore the sound energy that such a speaker system can create in a room.

Speaker enclosures come in various forms such as bass reflex or ported enclosures that have a hole in the front or back to leak more bass into the room. Well-designed sealed enclosures tend to produce more accurate sound.

Speaker enclosure

Well-made speaker enclosures use a reinforced structure referred to as a braced enclosure to ensure that the enclosure vibrate as little as possible. Enclosure vibration adds undesirable coloration to sound especially at the resonant frequency of the enclosure; this tends to be closer to the upper bass frequencies.

Diaphragm material

The driver diaphragm is fixed to the metal basket via a flexible surround at one end and a spider at the other. The whole diaphragm/voice coil is free to move in accordance with the movement created by the voice coil in response to the electric signal.

Faster high quality drivers diaphragm use either aluminum or titanium; these are mainly employed in high-end tweeters. However, cheaper materials such as reformed silk, paper and certain plastics also produce excellent sound.

Power rating

This is often defined in nominal power (Watts RMS).

Speaker impedance

Impedance represents the resistance a speaker offers to the electrical signal; the lower the impedance, the more power (current) a speaker will draw from the amplifier for a given output voltage.

This means a 4-Ohm speaker will load more an amplifier for the same output signal level than an 8-Ohm one. So do not just buy speakers without taking into account your AV receiver or amplifier specifications.


One of the most critical speaker specifications is speaker sensitivity. This is specified in dB (decibels), using a one-watt test tone measured one meter away from the speaker.

This means sensitivity affects how much power your system needs to perform well within your set-up. Average speaker sensitive stands at around 87 to 88 dB. Note that this measure is logarithmic, meaning a 3dB reduction in speaker sensitivity requires doubling of the amplifier power to produce the same sound volume in the room.

Speaker frequency response

In view that speaker frequency response is not constant over the entire range, response is often specified within a variance limit – typically ±3dB. This ±3dB represents reasonable consistency; some manufactures also specify an extended frequency response at ±6dB but this in itself is meaningless as it would require up to four times the amplifier power for the lows in the speaker response to sound as loud as the highs within the range.

A speaker having a specified frequency response ranging from say 40Hz to 22kHz ±3dB can be considered to have pretty good coverage ranging from good bass to a high frequency that is just in excess of the average human hearing upper limit.

Speaker dispersion

Speaker dispersion (H x V) specifies the speaker sound radiation pattern along different angles. It tells you how sound varies as one moves away from the speaker main axis. If you look at the specifications of speaker boxes, you should see nominal angle of high frequency dispersion in the horizontal and vertical plane.

Magnetically shielded speakers

The permanent magnets used in speakers are extremely strong magnets that may interfere with the TV electromagnetic field used to deflect the electron beam; the result is a distorted TV or Home Theater System image or when speakers are placed at close distance to the screen. Speakers intended for that purpose should use magnetic shielding.

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Choosing the Right Smart TV

Your smart TV is on its last legs and the time has come to buy another. This seems like an easy decision, but TV buying can be a very complicated task. You need to arm yourself with information before ever setting foot inside a television showroom. You need to have a smart TV buying guide for you to make the right choice.

Buying a television is something that you will not likely do very often. When you do decide to make this kind of purchase you need to go into it prepared with the knowledge of what you want. There are several sets to pick from with each one offering different size, style, and features. The possibilities may leave you feeling confused.

You might want a high-definition television that will give the kind of crystal clear picture that makes you feel as if you are there. Another option may be a TV that can offer you a theater sized screen with surround sound. This is ideal for those of you who like to watch a lot of movies.

Making a decision

The best way to choose the kind of television that you want is first to sort through your options. If you know what you need and what you want, then you will be able to pick out your television in no time.


The most important thing you need to consider is what size of television you need. Measure the area you are placing the television before you go to the store. You don’t want to come home with a TV that is too big.

Consider high definition

With the recent switch to high-definition TV, you may want to get a high def set. You can go for analog if you can find one, and it will work as long as you have satellite or cable. It’s better just to get a high definition television. Besides, the picture on high def TVs is amazing.

You need to know what signal you have

Whether you have cable television or satellite TV, you will need to have that information available. Each set has a different method of input and knowing the type of system you have will help you pick one that is compatible. If you have your heart set on a TV that is not going to fit with your home system, you may be able to find some adapter to make it fit. It is likely that if you are purchasing one of the newer sets, you won’t need to worry about the input, as they are universal.

Know the viewing range

This is the length that you will be from the set. If you are getting a television that has a high def or extra large screen, you will want to make sure you are farther from the TV. Sitting too close will likely hurt your eyes after only a short viewing time.

Type of screen

There are plasma screens and high definition screens. If you speak with a representative at the store they can help you in choosing the right screen for you. Some things that will be considered are the size of your room, your viewing range, and the signal set up that you have at home.


Selecting out a new television should be a fun and exciting experience instead of a difficult one. If you go to the store armed with the right information, it is likely that the sales representative can help you in making the right choice, and most stores will even offer free set up of your new television. All just to make TV buying a comfortable experience. It will all be worth it when you are at home watching your fantastic television.

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Why Do You Need A Professional For Home AV Installation?

If you want to have a dedicated TV room and want a state of art movie or TV watching experience, then all you need is a AV installation They not only provide home theatre systems, audio video system and other electronic entertainment appliances but also provide installation and repairing services.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to hire a professional home AV installation company –


Hiring audio video professionals would ensure that you get quality oriented professional services that is sure to help you get the best of products and services. They with their experience would know what kind of tools and products would match your requirements, and it is their expertise that would help you get the kind of results you are looking for.

Quality Output

When it comes to quality, you must and should not compromise with AV installation. This is because it is all about the kind of results you get from the audio video installation. It should be well-integrated with the AV devices and must have the facilities you need across the home to be able to use it properly. The output should be powerful yet soothing and well-defined and distributed, and only professionals can help you get that kind of results.


AV installation professionals are creative with their installation and depending upon the space and the output required and expected, they would use their skills to get creative and install the equipment in the right fashion to be able to achieve what you are looking for.


The professionals would provide bespoke services, which means that irrespective of the design and the area AV equipment needs to be installed and operated, they would do so to match the kind of quality of a commercial space that you are inspired from. It is this kind of bespoke services that would help you get the kind of results you have been looking forward to.


Professionals would take care of your budget, while not compromising on the quality. They would discuss your requirements and ensure that you are able to get the best at the most affordable price.

Customer Support

Moreover, it is the customer support that the professional AV installation guys provide that would help you with any queries or issues you have.


The maintenance of the Audiovisual equipment and devices is another factor where robux the skills and expertise of the professionals is very much required, which also helps in saving money in the long-term.
The best reason why professional AV companies are so popular is their range of products and well-trained friendly staff who ensure that your requirements are exactly matched with just no hiccups. West the need for such company is growing at the rapid pace because of the growing demand of the home cinema system and new generation audio video systems. Not only that, these companies also provide you with home automation system by means of which through just one remote control you can control almost every entertainment and electronic gadget at home.

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